About Us

www.sarapab.com is a gift to the community by the small group of enthusiasts who want to change the world one step at a time.

Our goal is to promote healthy humor, traditional values, love and moral values that no one seems to care about anymore. We want to show and prove every day that there are amazing human stories, sincere and emotional confessions that are waiting somewhere hidden and locked deep inside us due to the huge alienation and withdrawal of people. Our intention is to try to take advantage of the popularity that this website currently enjoys, in order to prove to everyone that there are still those good people who retreat before the abominations that are served to us every day.

Our Vision of www.sarapab.com is created to entertain and bring joy into the peoples lives. We want to prove that there are still honest, noble and kind people as well as all those who deserve a chance to improve and become better people.

Our Mission is our belief that in each of us still lives that curious child who is looking forward to each new day and enjoys all the good things life is giving. It is not easy for the collective consciousness to change overnight and for everyone to accept our idea and vision, but what is certain is that we will be consistent in that, to be different and to be a counterweight to everything that is served to people today. We can all change for the better, be more careful, remember our loved ones more often, and agree and respect each other more. Those who want to spread hate, frustrations, negative energy, can look elsewhere, because our goal is not to be popular at any cost and we care about wellbeing of our community.

We will gladly accept all your criticisms and try to improve and be better every day, but we will not compromise on the basic concept of the idea. For all remarks, wishes and suggestions, write to us at [email protected], we will try to answer everyone as soon as possible.

With love、
Your Sarapab team