1. "Why all the confessions don’t get published?"

Publishing all the confessions is not possible for several reasons. An incredible number of your confessions arrive every day and it is necessary to make a selection. Some of them do not meet the basic rules of the website, and all the other unpublished confessions are not rated well enough by the Moderators, which was introduced for users to choose most of the confessions that will be published on the site.

2. "Why is my confession not published and meets all the criteria of the rules?"

If the confession meets all the criteria listed in the rules, it means that it entered the Be a Moderator section, but was not voted by the user, that is, there were confessions that were better rated.

3. "Why don't you approve of all the comments, even though they don't contain swear words?"

From the beginning, the comments did not require any moderation. However, many abused it and we were forced to take this step. Since everything is anonymous, anyone can write inappropriate content or impair the quality of content on the site, various spam messages, etc. We strive to approve all comments. However, there are certain comments that do not aim at well-intentioned criticism, or advice directed at the author but express hate speech and harsh criticism without constructive suggestions for improvement. Also, comments that contain explicit vulgarities (uncensored) are not welcome on the site. If your comment is not showing up, and you think it is a mistake, send an email to [email protected] and we will publish it.

4. "Why was my confession not published, it was sincere, and you are publishing some nonsense?"

The answer is in questions 2 and 1. "Nonsense" is a relative term. Many find themselves in various banal life situations and for that reason, for example. such a confession is well-rated in the Be a Moderator section.

5. "How do I find my confession?"

There is still no defined way of monitoring their confessions, which is a direct consequence of complete anonymity except bookmarking the page of the confession or saving the URL (link). Otherwise, it would mean that we are able to follow who left which confession. The plan is to develop a user-account interface, through which logged-in users will be able to decide on the confessions they want to follow, but only after their publication on the main page.

6. "Is it possible that I will receive notifications for the posted confession if there are new comments?"

This is not possible, because in that case, it would mean that we have an insight into who set what. However, with the introduction of registered accounts, it will be possible to follow certain confessions and the user will be able to receive a notification when a new comment has arrived for a confession that he/she is following. In this way, the user who follows the confession can but does not have to be the author of the confession, which will never be known.

7. "Can personal information be left in the comments?"

As another consequence of anonymity, personal data must not (should not) be left out. For the simple reason that it is possible to endanger someone's privacy, or maliciously leave someone else's data in a negative context. If personal information is well-intentioned, or insufficiently defined to link to someone, it can be found on the site but it will be removed as soon as possible.

8. "Will there be an app?"

We have received a large number of such requests, but we do not currently have the funds for the mobile application, although we are working and looking for ways to raise resources.

9. "Who do I have to sleep with so my confession gets published?"

One question, which unexpectedly often arises and made us laugh many times. Namely, you can sleep with anyone you want, but that will not affect the probability of approving your confession. Try to write a confession in a creative, original and above all honest way. We also advise you to avoid spelling mistakes.

10. "What's the use of a rulebook if you don't follow it?"

We respect our rules, that's why they exist. However, sometimes it happens that the confession is excellently evaluated in the Be a Moderator section, and then we decide to publish it on the site, although in some elements it does not meet the criteria of the rules, because that is obviously the wish of most of the visitors. If you find a confession that is not in accordance with the rules or has been stolen from another site, feel free to let us know in a timely manner to [email protected] and we will remove it from the website.

11. "What is forbidden to write in the comments?"

See question no. 3.

12. "Why do I need to wait for comments to be approved?"

Comment moderation doesn’t exist now, but due to anonymity, many people might abuse this option, so we will be forced to introduce comment moderation. It is planned that when introducing a user, comments are approved directly, with the obligation to be a registered user when leaving comments and accept the possibility of being banned if you try to abuse this type of communication with the author of the confession.

13. "Why aren't only my confessions published?"

No one is able to keep track of what your confessions are, so the problem is probably that your confessions are not original enough, or users do not find them honest, interesting or original enough when administering in the Be a Moderator section.

14. "How long does it take to announce my confession?"

There is no rule since in the Be Admin section of the confession they appear at random, and the announcement depends on the grade in that section, the confession can be approved in the range of 5 minutes and 72 hours. It is then archived or removed.

15. "How do I know if my confession has been published?"

There is no way to know that your confession has been published unless you see it appear in the NEW subsection. This is a direct consequence of the concept of Anonymity, and if this were made possible, the site would serve no purpose.