Basic Criteria to get Confession Published:
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Relevance for the others
Confession Posting Process:
  • Posted confession won’t be visible at first until some of Admins approve it.
  • You as a User Admin can also approve posts from other users.
  • Admins will maintain the quality of the posts and eliminate ones that don’t meet the criteria below. This means that the entire community will make the selection.
Confessions that contain some of the named elements won’t be approved:
  • Anything that contains hate speech towards any nation, religion, social group, minority, etc.
  • Being offensive in general
  • Public shaming
  • Personal names and information from you or anyone else.
  • Promoting other websites, services or products.
  • Explicit words, vulgarity, curses and bad words in general.
  • Pornography of any kind.
  • Gambling
  • Talking against Monarchy or the Government
  • Morbid or bizarre things that can upset the public
  • Calling for aggression or violence
  • Repetitive content, repost
  • Asking questions in posts such as “What do you think?” or “Need help?"
  • Anything related to gambling
When you are about to make confession have in mind:
  • This is not love therapist or a forum.
  • This is not personal ads.
  • Confession is not a status of you or any other anonymous individual.
  • Even if you are not entirely honest to try making them original and interesting
  • Tend to use good spelling and grammar
  • Don’t use CAPS LOCK
  • Don’t steal other peoples confessions and try to be original in your own way.
  • Tend to write one anecdote per confession and be concise as you have only 1000 characters.

+ Admins have discreet right to delete any confession in order to maintain the high quality of the content and for your emotional well-being.

For Moderators

When you login as an Admin you will be able to see one confession at a time that is pending for approval. By clicking Yes or No you decide whether that confession will be published or not. If something breaks any of the rules please report.

How to be a Moderator?
  • Avoid approving content that is repetitive
  • Avoid approving content that is not clear or well formulated.
  • Avoid approving content that aims to be rude, offensive or inappropriate in any way

By being a User admin you are helping the most interesting confessions to be published and contribute to maintaining the quality of the content in our community.